Frequently Asked Questions

(Q) How can I contact support or developers?
(A) Just send us a mail to Don't forget to include your player name in the mail. Otherwise it will be very difficult for us to help you.

Platform questions:

(Q) On what platforms are RummyFight available?
(A) Since nov 10th 2012 RummyFight is available for Android and iOS

(Q) Can I play opponents using the Android version if I have an iPhone and vice versa?
(A) Yes, RummyFight is 100% compatible between platforms and it doesn't matter what you use

(Q) Can I use the same player name on both Android and iOS?
(A) Yes, if you like

(Q) Where can I download RummyFight?
(A) For Android you can download it from Google Play, Amazon AppStore or Appland. For iOS you can download it from App Store. The fastest shortcuts is to click on the icons at the top of this page.

(Q) What are the latest released versions?
(A) For Android, the latest released version is currently v2.08. For iOS it is v2.10.

(Q) Are the version numbers the same on both Android and iOS?
(A) More or less. Small differences can exist but I try to keep them closely similar

Account questions:

(Q) Is my password safe?
(A) All passwords are encrypted already in the app and is neither sent to the server nor stored in the app's settings unencrypted. The encryption is a one way encryption which means that not even we who has created RummyFight can find out what your original password was.

(Q) When is my account deleted?
(A) If you are using the free (or lite) version of RummyFight, your account will be deleted automatically when you haven't logged in during the last three months. If you use the paid version, your account is never deleted automatically. If you wish to delete it anyway, just send us a mail about it.

Gameplay questions:

(Q) How long time do I have to make my move?
(A) Normally 24 hours from the time it's your turn but from v1.24 (paid version) the creator of the fight can select other times too. 36 and 48 for example. From v1.28, Speedfights with roundtimes as short as 5 minutes can be started too.

(Q) What happens if I don't make my move in time?
(A) You will be excluded from the fight. If there's only one active player left, he/she will win the fight

(Q) It takes soooo long time for my opponents to make their moves
(A) Well, pick opponents that you know play fast or buy the app to be able to create fights with as short roundtimes as 5 minutes.

(Q) Where does an excluded player's tiles go?
(A) They are put back into the stack for others to pick

(Q) What's a "Meld"?
(A) It's when you put out tiles on the playing field

(Q) What determines the order of players in a fight?
(A) The one with the highest first drawn tile starts, then the second highest, etc

(Q) How many Jokers are there in each fight?
(A) Two. One black and one red. (The colors doesn't matter)

(Q) Usage of the Joker is not according to RummiKub rules?
(A) There are several versions of RummiKub rules out there. Some are stricter than others. RummyFight is using the same set of rules for Jokers as the official applet at

(Q) How is the score divided between players?
(A) When a fight ends, the winner gets the total of all the opponents' tiles still on their racks. The losers get minus points of the tiles still on their racks. Jokers count as 30 points

(Q) What is a hoarder?
(A) A hoarder is a player that only picks up tiles and never puts them out until he/she can put them all out at once. They are regarded as the most boring kind of players in existence and we have even written a little song about them:

(Q) How can I send a "gift" to an opponent?
(A) Inside a fight you can send "gifts" to any opponent. You can send love, throw an egg, light up fireworks, etc. You can access this by long-clicking on your opponent's name at the top.

(Q) How can I make the FastForward to go faster?
(A) Double Click on the FastForward button forwards immediately to the very end

(Q) What are Ranking Points and how are they calculated?
(A) (Only for Paid version): Ranking Points are calculated from your score, your win percentage and the number of fights you have finished. The exact algorithm is not official

(Q) What are the ranking titles?
(A) This applies only for the paid version and can change from time to time:

1.000.000 -> Out of this world
500.000 -> Unbelievable
250.000 -> King/Queen of Rummy
100.000 -> Grand Master
50.000 -> Master
25.000 -> Super Star
15.000 -> Shining Star
10.000 -> Expert
7.000 -> Really good
3.000 -> Good
1.000 -> Apprentice
500 -> Novice
250 -> Amateur
0 -> Beginner
-250 -> Struggling
-500 -> Hard Times
-1.000 -> Weak
-2.500 -> Really Weak
-5.000 -> Amazingly Weak
-7.500 -> Bottom crawler
-10.000 -> Worthless
-100.000 -> Absolute shit

(Q) How often are fights started on the server etc?
(A) Every 15'th seconds the server schedules, creates, starts or ends fights. It also checks for player exclusions every 15th seconds. Every 60 seconds it recalculates statistics, updates rankings and sends out notification messages to players.

(Q) How can I block someone from starting fights against me?
(A) Since v1.31 of RummyFight you can block players using both the app and this homepage. You can do that from any Profile Dialog so either you click on the player's name in an existing fight or you search for the player in the NewFight-section of the app and long click on the result.

App questions:

(Q) What does all these numbers and texts in the Lobby mean?
(A) See picture:

(Q) How do I start a new fight?
(A) Click on NEW FIGHT, then pull your selected opponents onto the empty seats. If you pull out two players, you will get a three people fight (you + two). For more detailed instructions, click the HELP button (iOS-version) or MENU button (Android) in NewFight

(Q) How do I play against my friends?
(A) In NEW FIGHT, add your friends to your Bookmarks, then pull them out and place them on the empty seats

(Q) How do I play a four player fight where two opponents are my friends and one can be anyone?
(A) Add your friends to your Bookmarks, place them onto the empty seats and place one AnyPlayer on the remaining seat

(Q) How can I leave a fight?
(A) There are several ways depending on if the fight has started or not. For an unstarted fight, you can click on it in the Lobby and decline participation. For a fight that is running, you can use the MENU-button within the fight to select Resign. Observe that it must be your turn in the fight and you must have played at least one round to be able to resign

(Q) How can I know I have "opened" a fight? (made an initial meld worth at least 30 points)
(A) The color of the lines surrounding the buttons in the fight is red before you have opened and yellow afterwards

(Q) How often does the Lobby refresh?
(A) If you are running the free (or lite) version, the Lobby refreshes every 90 seconds. If you are running the Paid version, the Lobby refreshes when it needs.

(Q) What is "Instant Update"?
(A) It's a feature where the Lobby and the fights refresh themselves automatically immediately after your opponents' have made their melds.

(Q) Why is there no refresh button in the Lobby?
(A) Since v1.32 you can press the R in RummyFight for a Refresh of the Lobby. You can only do it every 15 seconds though. However you shouldn't need to push Refresh at all since the Lobby refreshes itself when something has happened.

(Q) What Notifications are sent to my device?
(A) "You are invited to a fight", "It's your turn", "Hurry up", "You have a new chat message"

(Q) How do you send Notifications to my device?
(A) For Android, RummyFight uses C2DM-push for devices with Android 2.2 or newer. For older devices, the app uses server pull instead. For iOS, RummyFight uses push notifications

(Q) Why are there ads in the Free version?
(A) Well, you didn't pay for it and servers and development costs money, so...

(Q) How can I change my password if I have forgotten my old one?
(A) Request a new temporary password using the "forgot your password"-link in the app or on this website, then use that one to login. Don't forget to change the password to something you will remember then.

Technical questions:

(Q) What Android versions are supported?
(A) From Android 1.6 and newer

(Q) What iOS versions are supported?
(A) From iOS 4.2 and newer

(Q) Does RummyFight work on an Android tablet?
(A) Yes... and it feels GREAT to play RummyFight on one too

(Q) Does RummyFight work on an iPad?
(A) Yes... Since v1.60 RummyFight is an Universal app meaning it works on most iOS devices.

(Q) I've purchased the Paid Android version but I still seem to be running the Free. Howcome?
(A) That's because you now have them both running on your phone at the same time, making the server confused. Please uninstall them both and reinstall the paid version again. Don't worry, you will not have to pay again and all your fights will still exist since they are stored on the server, not on your phone.


(Q) My app crashes when I open up a fight
(A) For Android, try clearing your image cache in SETTINGS/MENU. It's possible that the fight's theme pic is broken or invalid. If that doesn't work, try disable themes in SETTINGS to see if there's a difference. This you can do in both the Android and iOS versions

(Q) My app has crashed. What can I do?
(A) Make sure you send an error report. You will get that option when the app dies. This way, we developers will get information about WHY the app crashed and can implement a solution to be released. The source code of RummyFight is at the moment almost one million characters so it's impossible for us to guess where the error is.

(Q) Why am I having trouble connecting to the server in some fights?
(A) If you are connected to the Internet using a WiFi-connection, make sure your firewall is not blocking port 80 and 443. Try using the mobile connection instead to see if it works better. Then you know.

(Q) The chat isn't working
(A) Make sure you have port 8002 open in your firewall

And most importantly: Make sure you ALWAYS are using the very latest release of RummyFight. There's a reason we do release updates. You can see your current version in the app's About section.

RummyFight is created by RunRun AB. ©2011-2017