Tutorial - How to play

The basic idea behind ALL Rummy-games is to create Groups and Runs

A Group is 3-4 tiles with the same value in different colors.
A Run is 3-13 tiles in ascending order in the same color

You begin with 14 tiles on your rack. The object is to get rid of them
before your opponents do

Putting tiles on the Board is called a "Meld". The first time you make
a meld, you must get at least 30 points

After that, you are allowed to use existing tiles on the Board to create
new Groups and Runs

You can "steal" tiles from other Groups or Runs, rearrange them,
move them around and combine them with your own tiles to make new
Groups and Runs

You are not allowed to Meld with and incomplete
Groups or runs left on the board

If you can't (or won't) make a Meld, you draw a new tile from the stack
instead (or make a Pass if there are no new tiles left)

Jokers can be any tile you like but beware, they are worth 30 penalty
points if you lose the Fight with one still on your rack

The first player to get rid of all tiles is the winner and will collect
the sum of all opponent's tiles as the prize. The losers will get
minus points of the tiles still on their racks

Each time it's your turn, you (normally) have 24 hours to make your move.
Use the MENU button to sort your tiles, access the chat or Re-play rounds

In the paid version you can play as many simultaneous fights as you like.
This is limited to 5 in the free version. Good luck.
Happy RummyFighting!

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