About RummyFight

In RummyFight you play against real humans all over the world. Since RummyFight relies on numbers instead of words there are no language barriers to prevent people from playing against opponents from other nations.

When you play, you will receive Notifications to your device every time it's your turn so there's no need to constantly having the game running but instead you can do other things while it's your opponents turn.

RummyFight is all about the game RummiKub which is a variant of the popular card game Rummy. You might not know it but you have probably played Rummy before without realizing it. Canasta is a variant of Rummy. Even Mahjong is.

In Rummy you try to build Groups and Runs with your tiles/cards. A Group is 3-4 tiles with the same number in different colours. A Run is 3-13 tiles in ascending order in the same colour.

The object of RummyFight / RummiKub is to get rid of your tiles before anyone of your opponents. Sounds easy? Well, it actually is, but it's not easy to become really good at it since it also involves a great deal of strategy and ability to predict your opponents' moves.

RummyFight exists at the moment for both Android and iOS and can be played on both phones and tablets.

There are two versions of RummyFight. One full version which costs about 1 Euro and one free version where some of the functionality is removed. However it's still highly playable.

Please check out the Tutorial and the FAQ for more information.

Happy RummyFighting!

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